Take advantage of the Poker craze with this fun contest and raise significant money for your charity! The $5,000 Poker Challenge offers three chances to win!

Here’s how it works…

Before and during your event, sell pre-stapled Poker Hands, all face down. Most events sell them 1 Hand for $10 or 3 Hands for $20, but the price is completely up to you! Then, at the end of your event, grab everyone’s attention for the moment! If you were not provided with an envelope with a pre-stapled hand, take the unopened deck of cards or envelope provided to you, open, shuffle, and draw 5 cards. As you pull each card, build up the anticipation by announcing each one as you go! If any purchased hand matches your hand exactly, both the suit and the number, the lucky guests win $5,000! If there is a hand that matches the numbers only, that guest wins $500! The third way to win is the best poker hand in the crowd, a guaranteed winner! We recommend figuring this out by calling out the highest to lowest Poker Hand progression until you find the best hand. The prize for the best Poker Hand is chosen and provided by you – it could be cash, a trip, framed memorabilia, you name it! And if you need a little help figuring something out, don’t hesitate to ask; we have tons of cool prizes!

This is a great contest to get sponsored – we even offer custom cards printed with sponsor’s name and logo! Contact us for a quote.