A truly unique contest that is a great branding tool for your business. Here's how it works...each contestant will be handed our custom 7 sided dice that has your logo on 6 sides...and one letter that spells out the phrase that pays. The dice are dropped through the Name Drop game board and tumble through to the bottom...and depending on the number of letters showing they could win a prize. For example here's how the contest could work for you

  • 7 Letters Appear You Win $10,000!
  • 6 Letters Appear You Get $1,000
  • 5 Letters Appear You Win 8 Day/7 Night Vacation
  • 4 Letters Appear You Win Bahamas Cruise
  • 3 Letters Appear You Win Compact Tool Kit
  • 2 Letters Appear Wins Pocket Knife
  • 1 Letter Appear Wins Free Drop

To Watch The Demonstration Video, Click Here


Name Drop Dominos

Almost Every Drop Is A Winner!

Easy To Play, Anyone Can Do It!

The Sound Of The Game Pieces Builds Anticipation and Adds Fun!

If Allowed, Participants Can Try More Than Once, Keeping Potential Customers Around Longer! Takes Up Very Little Space and Can Be Played Anywhere, at Any Event!

Cost Includes All Prizes and Insurance Coverage! Something New and Different for Every Business to Try!