The putting contest is our most popular contest. If your goal is to keep or drive attendees to your event to purchase products and visit vendors and sales reps, then this contest is what you are looking for! You choose the Grand Prize from cash to a brand new vehicle, and we provide the contest for your participants to try and win them! This contest can be done with multiple putts, or one single putt. We will bring a portable putting green to your event that can be used indoors or outdoors. Attendees will attempt a 6 ft. putt each hour. At the end of each hour the folks who made the 6ft putt come back to the putting green for a putt-off at 20ft until someone sinks the putt!

We normally have four hourly winners. At the end of the event all the hourly winners come back to the putting green for a final putt-off, a process of elimination until someone makes the putt. That person will be the final qualifier and will putt at 50ft for the grand prize. Multiple Putts individuals would qualify the same way. If you would like each hourly winner to putt for $2,500 at 50ft., you could do that also. At the end of the four hours you would have had four individuals attempt a 50ft putt for $2,500 each for a total of $10,000. We always give a nice consolation prize, if the final qualifier does not make the putt for the grand prize.

This contest is great at ANY event - and it can be done as a TEAM contest!